Nausophar® Capsule 240mg
Effective ingredients of ginger rhizomes
Anti-nausea in: pregnancy period, motion sickness and during of chemotherapy

According to the credited sources and documentaries, ginger with the scientific name; «Zingiber Officinale» has got miraculous effects in treating different diseases. One of the most important curing properties is anti-nausea.
«Know.Tech.Phar.Co.» has formulated the« Nausophar »Capsule from the effective ingredients of the ginger rhizomes as a very strong anti-nausea drug.


-Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy period
-Nausea and vertigo in motion sickness (Car-sick, sea-sick)
-Migraine nausea
-Nausea and vomiting during of chemotherapy
-Nausea and vomiting caused by surgery and anesthesia drugs


The anti-nausea effect of ginger is mostly relevant to the two effective ingredients of gingerol and shagaol.
Contrary to other anti-nausea drugs which their anti-nausea mechanism would effect on the central nerving system, ginger effects on the activity of digestion system, stimulate the flow of saliva, bile and gastric secretions. It also decreases the contractions and increases the movements of digestion system.
The anti-nausea effect of ginger is mostly relevant to the two effective ingredients of gingerol and shagaol and some of the complexes in the fat solution of ginger such as galanolactone acting as an antagonist for the serotonin recepetor, hence helps the anti-nausea effects of ginger.
*Commission E* has affirmed the consumption of ginger in treatment travel sickness.

Administration & Dosage:

-In pregnancy:

During the nausea one capsule of 240mg per day
Care should be taken in continuous consumption and by the advice of the physician.

-In motion sickness: (Travelling by car and in sea voyage and…)
The persons over 12 years old: 1 or 2 capsules of 240 mg, in one time
The persons of 6-12 years old: 1 capsule of 240 mg.
*Half to one hour prior to travelling must be used.
*This dosage may be repeated every 4 hours.

-Migraine nausea:

Every 4-6 hours 1capsules of 240mg

-Nausea caused by chemotherapy:

Every 6 hours 1-2 capsules of 240mg. in 1 time (from 3 days before chemotherapy up to 3 days after it)

-After surgery and anesthesia:

4 capsules of 240 mg, in 1 time
*It is recommended to take this capsule with 1 glass of water.
*The maximal usage of the capsules is 8 capsules per day.

Side effects:

No side effect is reported in regard to prescribed dosage of this drug.
In persons with a background of allergy to ginger, allergic reactions, dermatitis and minor digestive problems such as flatulence and heartburn may be caused.


-Because of platelet aggregation-inhibitory activity of ginger, the persons taking the anti-coagulation medicines (such as heparin or other thrombolytic) or the medicines such as brufen, plavix and aspirin, this medicine should be taken with care and by the advice of the physician.
-Considering the blood sugar decreasing effect of ginger, the individuals taking anti-diabetes medicines, should pay attention to this topic.
-Ginger, such as the medicines decreasing blood pressure, may still decrease the blood pressure therefore, the patients using such medicines should take care in taking «Nausophar».


-Whereas ginger causes the gallbladder secretion increase, the patients suffering gallbladder stones are not allowed to take this medicine.
-Harmless this drug has not been established in patients less than 6 years, it is recommended that children under 6 years avoid from taking it.

The usage in pregnancy and breast-feeding:

The usage of this drug as per recommended dosage during pregnancy is allowed. Any continuous and long term consumption should be with care and according to prescription.
During breast-feeding it should be taken according to the physician’s view.

Commission E* is a governmental supervising Organization in Germany by the cooperation of experienced physicians and pharmacologists compiles and prints articles in the field of evaluating the immunity and the effectiveness of medicinal plants which have already been used in traditional and native medicine and is considered a prestigious international source.