Hypophar ®Capsules 250 mg
Effective ingredients of olive leave
Antihypertension, diuretic

«Hypophar» herbal capsules have been formulated and produced by the pharmaceutical «Know.Tech.Phar. »Co., out of the effective ingredients of olive leaves with scientific name of «Olea europaea» and the general name of «olive» for decreasing blood pressure in patients suffering high blood pressure.


For decreasing high blood pressure and as diuretic


The most important effective ingredient of olive in decreasing the high blood pressure is Oleoropine, with a ratio in olive leaves much more than in other parts. Oleoropine, suppresses the L-type calcium channel directly and indirectly and reversibly and ACE inhibitor, causes the arteries enlarge and consequently results in the decrease of systole and diastole blood pressure.
The effective ingredients of olive leaves have got an anti- arrhythmia effect particularly in patients having arrhythmia heart and it also results in the increase of coronary arteries flow.
On the other part the olive leaves result in decreasing cholesterol, TG and LDL therefore it would also prevent the progress of atherosclerosis.
The flavonoids in olive leaves with their antioxidant effect also decrease remarkably tissue damages caused by free radicals. According to the fulfilled studies the antioxidant properties of olive leaves has been reported two times more than «Milk thistle» plant and «Green tea».
It should be noted that the antioxidant power of Oleoropine is more than C & E vitamins.
These flavonoids also have got their anti-inflammatory effects.
The therapeutic effect of olive leaves in heart and artery patients are because of their vasodilator effect, platelet aggregation-inhibitory activity, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
In compliance with the studies achieved, the therapeutic effects of olive leaves in diabetics are realized thru the following mechanisms:
-The increase peripheral glucose uptake
-The increase of insulin level
That together would decrease the blood glucose level.

Administration & Dosage:

– 3-4 capsules per day
– The maximal daily usage is 5 capsules.
– It is recommended to take the capsule during the meals.

Side effects:

No side effect has been reported for this drug.
The persons allergic to the plants of olive species, some allergy signs may appear, in such a case, the usage of the drug should be stopped.
-The usage of this drug by the individuals suffering the gallbladder tract stones, because of the increasing of gallbladder secretion and causing gallbladder colic, is not allowed and it´s wiser that such persons do not use it.
– Since «Hypophar» is a diuretic, in people with a fluid limitation (Patients suffering grave heart or kidney disease) are not allowed to use this drug.
-The usage of this drug for the individuals under 18 years old is not recommended.


Due to the hypotensive and anti-platelet aggregation properties of «Hypophar» concomitant use with blood-pressure lowering medications and blood thinners may have a potentiating effect, the consultation with the physician or the pharmacist is mandatory.

The usage in pregnancy and breast-feeding:

Whereas the required studies haven’t been carried out in regard to this drug, it is wiser not to use it during pregnancy and breast-feeding.