Migraphar® Capsule 240 mg
Main components of «Tanacetum» and «chamomile»
The relieve of migraine headaches, tension and cluster

«Migraphar» capsule is an herbal one made from the effective ingredients of the plant with scientific name of «Tanacetum parthenium» and the general name of «Feverfew» and the effective ingredients of «German chamomile» with the scientific name of «Matricaria recutita», in addition to relieving migraine headaches with sedative and anti-anxiety effects to help these patients.


– Prevention migraine headaches
-Acute migraine attacks and nausea and vomiting associated with it
-Treatment of all types of headaches such as cluster and tension, headaches before and during menstruation periods

Multiple mechanisms:

1-Inhibition synthesis of prostaglandin:

The anti-pain and anti-inflammation effects of this drug are because of the existence of parthenolide and some other effective ingredients in Tanacetum plant such as transchyrysantyl acetate. One of the mechanisms in Tanacetum that acts as anti-pain and anti-inflammation is inhibition of phospholipases of the cellule by parthenolide, prevention that arachidonic acid gets free. As arachidonic acid is the mediators of inflammatory thru its inhibition, the anti-inflammatory signs would be observed. According to the research, it has been indicated that parthenolide and transchyrysantil acetate cause to get under inhibit the prostaglandin synthesis, that consequently would decrease the synthesis of prostaglandins and thromboxane therefore, the relevant inflammatory mediators wouldn’t be made and the anti-inflammatory effect is applied.

2-Blockage of platelet granule secretion:

As serotonin has got an important feature in pathogenesis of migraine headaches, and whereas the aggregation and adhesiveness of the platelets in the patients suffering migraine is more than normal people, meanwhile, freeing of serotonin from platelets because of some factors such as adrenalin gets graver, for this reason one of the other confirmed mechanisms in regard to the anti-migraine quality of Tanacetum effective ingredients is the secretion inhibition of granule platelets and polymorphonuclear leukocytes. The effective ingredients of Tancetum is the cause of inhibit the aggregation of platelets and to inhibit the secretion of serotonin (5-HT) by the platelets. Consequently it prevents the migraine headaches.

3-Decreasing the spasms of smooth muscles of arteries:

Tanacetum by blocking of potassium channel would also inhibit the spasms of smooth muscles of arteries and hence, it is effective in inhibit migraine headaches.

4- Sedative effect:

Blending the German chamomile´s component in this capsule, and its important effective ingredient namely: Apigenin that acts as a ligand for the benzodiazepine receptors (having a synergic effect with apigenin contained in Tanacetum , would result in anti-anxiety and relieving quality in this drug.

Administration & Dosage:

*For prevention:

Adults: 2 -4 times per day 1 capsule each time
Children: 1-2 capsules per day

*To stop migraine attacks:

Adults 1 capsule every 6 hours and Children up to 2 capsules per day
– After relieve headaches and dosage in accordance to prevention, treatment continues.
-It is better to take this medicine swallowed completely with the meal or after it with enough water.

Duration of use:

For prevention, the usage should continue up to 4 months then, consult with your physician or pharmacist for the keeping dosage. (The minimal dosage which prevents the recurrence of headaches), is up to 2 following months.
-The sudden stop of the drug may cause the recurrence of headaches, insomnia, provoking and… therefore, it is wiser to consult with your physician or pharmacist and stop it gradually by decreasing the dosage.

Side effects:

In individuals sensitive to Tanacetum plant it is probable that some allergic skin reactions. It may happen some mild and self-limited side effects may appear in some individuals who have: digestive disorders such as abdominal pains, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, increase in heart rate and dizziness.
– Inflammation in the mouth, throat and swelling of lips and wounds in mouth also some reaction may be caused by the direct and indirect touch of this plant and in the case of such problems the usage should promptly be stopped. By using it in form the capsule this disorder may not appear.


-The persons who have a recognized allergy to the plants of Asteraceae species
-The children under 2 years old
– In people who have difficulty swallowing capsules.

The use in pregnancy and breast-feeding:
The usage of this drug is not allowed during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Remarkable points:

1- Take the capsule absolutely with 1 glass of water.
2- Don’t stop the usage suddenly; drug withdrawal should be according to the advice of the physician or pharmacist.
3- The old persons, the sensitive individuals and patients with liver and kidney disorders, and the persons with K vitamin deficiency, should use this drug with care.