Recubizul ® Topical Ointment 20g
Main components of German chamomile and Calendula
Topical anti-inflammatory

«Recubizul» herbal ointment is made from main components of «Matricaria chamomilla» and «Calendula officinalis» that different prestigious scientific references confirmed have several anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects.
«Know. Tech. Phar» pharmaceutical Co. has taken up the formulation and production of this drug.


Eczema, napkin rash, itching &inflammation hives, irritating& itching skin, superficial burnings or wounds, hemorrhoids, insect’s bites and furuncle.
Main components of two herbal in «Recubizul» ointment has got anti-bacterial effects and inhibition effects on some skin microbes such as Staphylococcus and Candida genus, and good effects in healing quickly the wounds, particularly on secretive wounds and the wounds caused by tattoos and similar skin injuries.
Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungi effects and wounds healing effect is mostly for the Alpha-bisabolol and Apigenin contents in it. The main anti-inflammatory effects of chamomile refer to Alpha-bisabolol and Chamazulene.
In accordance with clinical observations, the effect of chamomile extract has proved very good effects in patients with skin eczemas, and considering that «Recubizul» is not included in steroid drugs, hence has not got the side effects of steroid drugs, therefore the result would be so remarkable and positive.
In order to attain to a good scent and to enrich the synergy effect, some main components of «Calendula officinalis» (Calendula) has been added to it. The main components of Calendula is effective in healing the injuries, acnes, inflammations and skin rashes.

Administration & Dosage:

3-4 times per day, each time rub a thin layer of the ointment on the damaged area. (Continue to take the medicine up to the moment the signs of disease is completely eliminated)

Side effects:

No side effects have been reported on the topical usage of these two plants. The persons having already allergy against the components of chamomile and calendula discontinue the usage.


No interaction has been reported on chamomile products.

The usage in Pregnancy and breast-feeding:

The usage of this medicine during pregnancy and breast-feeding is permitted.

Remarkable points:

-This drug is only for usage on the skin. It may be used for eliminating hemorrhoids inflammation or itching and inflammation of genital areas as a topical treatment.
-The usage of this drug for the infants under one month of age is not recommended.
-In the case of utilizing this drug continuously for two weeks but there are still the signs of the disease, you should consult with your physician in regard to continue it.
-Keep the drug away from the reach of children.