Culic ® Syrup 120mL
Main components of Licorice, Thyme and honey
Sore throat, cough and common cold

«Culic» syrup is made from main components of «Licorice» plant root; with the scientific name of «glycyrrhiza glabra », main components of «Thyme» ; with the scientific name of «Thymus vulgaris» , main components of «Anise» plant ; with the scientific name of «Pimpinella anisum» that in addition to creating a good taste and honey as a natural sweetener.


-Sore throat, laryngitis and bronchitis
-Cough, eliminating the symptoms of common cold
– Fever and influenza


The Glycyrrhizin available in «Licorice» stimulate the production of interferon Gama by T cells and as a result it reveals an anti-virus effect in viral infections. The active ingredients of the plant with expectorant effect and anti-cough in medical purposes listed are effective.
«Thymol» and «Carvacrol» are among the principal effective ingredients of« Thyme »and have anti-spasm and anti-cough effects and enrich the effect of this drug and cause the provoking of ciliary activity in respiratory tracts.
Also the active ingredient of «Anise» plant, in addition to flavor property developers, has similar effects« Licorice» and «Thyme» in the treatment of cough and cold symptoms are resolved.
In the drug, from honey as a natural sweetener and appropriate which strengthens therapeutic effects of the drug has been use.

Administration & Dosage:

The adults and people over 12 years old: 3-4 times per day, each time one spoonful (equal to 10 ml)
The people of 6-12 years old: 3-4 times per day, each time one teaspoonful (equal to 5 ml)
To get better effect of this drug in laryngitis and sore throat, please don’t drink water immediately.

Side effects:

The long period usage of the drugs containing« Licorice» (longer than 4-6 weeks) or the unpermitted over dose may cause the increase in blood pressure and the decrease in urination. In patients having high blood pressure or coronary and heart disease the usage of this drug should be with care.
Usually the beginning, the graveness of interactions and side effects of« Licorice» depend on the dosage taken, duration of usage and the sensitivity of the individuals.
The usage of this drug in patients having cholestatic liver, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic hepatitis, hypokalemia and renal failure is contraindicated.
The usage in pregnancy and breast-feeding:
The usage of this drug in pregnancy and breast-feeding is contraindicated.

Because of the effective ingredients of the plants used in this drug and their gastrointestinal effects, this syrup is also suitable for gastritis and the prevention of intestinal ulcers.