Bisalen® Topical Ointment 30g
Main components of ginger
Joints and muscles pain and inflammation

Ginger plant with the scientific name of «Zingiber officinale», with general name of «ginger» has a precedence of many years in the Iranian, Chinese and Indian, and in the modern herbal medicine several compounds of it have been made for treatment. «Know.Tech.Phar.» Pharmaceutical Co., specialized in formulation and production of herbal medicine, by using the effective ingredients in the rhizome of ginger has formulated and produced the herbal ointment namely «Bisalen».

Main components:

The most important components of the plant:
1- Volatile oil is Zingiberene, Curcumene and Beta-bisabolene
2- Aryl alkanes such as: Gingerol and Shogao

The most comprehensive studies have been focused out on Gingerol and Shogaol contained in ginger, and it has been indicated that these two compounds thru inhibit cyclooxygenase 2 and lipoxygenase cause the gathering of prostaglandins (particularly PGE2) and leukotrienes, therefore they result in anti-inflammatory effects.
The NSAID drugs used for decreasing the inflammation and relieving the inflammatory pains, they inhibit the both enzyme of cyclooxygenase 1and 2 and considering that the cyclooxygenase 1 always exist in all the tissues, and the cyclooxygenase 2 is created during the inflammation, then inhibition of cyclooxygenase 1 causes some side effects that after using NSAID drugs are seen. Therefore due to the selected inhibit cyclooxygenase 2 «Bisalen » ointment is a suitable choice for this area.


Joints and muscles pain and inflammation comprising: rheumatic pains , arthritis, waist and neck disk pains, all types of pains and inflammations joints and muscles pains and the pains derived after hard activities
When using the ginger compounds topically , because of having a suitable molecular weight and a medium solubility in water and fat, they have a good penetrability in the skin well absorbed by the skin, therefore the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects reveal a short time after use.

Administration & Dosage:

3-5 times per day, each time one layer of the ointment should be rubbed on the painful place and be massed mildly.

The usage in pregnancy and breast-feeding:

For long period usage during pregnancy, it is better to consult with your physician.
The topical usage of this ointment during the breast-feeding is permitted.